Millions of Americans who were deeply affected by Ronald Reagan know that his battle against socialism, foreign and domestic, must be fought and won again, if our "under God" liberties are to be preserved.
   Younger generations must learn what President Reagan represented and how directly his faith in freedom relates to their lives and to their future. Truly, "Man is not free unless government is limited."
   Please use this video to spread the word.


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This is a moment we may look back on for the rest of our lives, a moment to make a difference in our nation's direction.
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  Comments on the Video  

This is an outstanding video.

God Bless the Gipper! I miss him so!

Such a parallel. History repeating itself.

Spread opportunity! Go Reagan! Go America.

Wow!! absolutley one of the best vids I've seen here! The liberals just dont get it.

Very scary stuff. When did we as citizens start to think we are entitled to what others work for?

Since the beginning of time! Some have always thought they are entitled to the fruits of another's labor. It's biblical- thou shalt not steal, murder, covet thy neighbor's goods. Why would we think it would ever stop. That is why the price of freedom is "eternal vigilance."

Very well done... thank you....God have mercy on this country, once again.

Liberalism has now openly morphed into socialism with the obama candidacy. This philosophy does not work and there is history to prove that. that fact that this guy (obama) has been painted as "new & fresh" is a joke. his ideas are older than old, and worst of all they don't work. sooner or a little later the wagon gets too heavy and the producers stop pulling! A vote for obama is a vote for the further decline of the good old USA. Vote for freedom and liberty, not the bondage of socialism.

Bravo! Well done.

Do liberals really believe that increasing the tax of the rich will help the poor, create jobs, lower prices, drive up the economy? Think it through... If taxes are increased, the rich will lay off people, increase prices, and increase services etc. It is a proven fact anytime you raise taxes, the economy goes down, by lowering taxes, the economy goes up. What we need is to lower taxes and downsize government spending. Remember, spending is done by congress. Who runs congress?

We reap what we sow.

Wow. Simply amazing.

God, I miss Ronny.

Fantastic video, thanks for producing this.

Reagan began the conservative movement as far as Presidential politics is concerned. We need someone more like him again.

Great video! More, more!

Don't give up...make sure to get you friends, family out to vote for liberty. God bless America!!! We shall overcome!!!

"Are you joking, is this a joke?" No it's not a joke, we actually have a Marxist running for President under the guise of a liberal democrat. Your choice is very clear: Do you choose bread, or Liberty?

The company I work for employs 230 full and part time people and generates $18 million a year in revenue. 3% of that is $540,000. How many workers will lose their jobs to compensate for that extra $540,000 in taxes? At $27,000/year, basic math says 20. They cry when jobs go oversees seeking lower taxes, yet scream for raised corporate taxes here. People who think added corporate taxes will create more jobs live in a fantasy world.

I really enjoyed the Reagan Video. You are doing good work. The differences between the candidates are becoming more pronounced as time goes on. Let's hope that time isn't running out too soon for the voters to realize what they are choosing.

Man is NOT free unless government is limited! Remember this! May God Bless the USA

Great! Wish I had this earlier to get it out to more voters. Thanks.

Thank you for this amazing video. This should be the only ad being run by the RNC!!!


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